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With the emergence of turf fields, even when you are playing outdoors you can still wear turf shoes. Turf shoes help give great traction on artificial surfaces, but they are also extremely comfortable. One of the most comfortable shoes we have is the Nike5 Bomba Pro . Not only does this shoe provide all the benefits mentioned above, they also look great.


This turf shoe is black in the front and white in the back. The also add royal blue around the bottom to give some added color. The style is fairly plain, especially by Nike’s standards, but they look great. With all the pinks, light blues, and neon’s on soccer shoes these days, it is nice to have a classic looking shoe again. The upper is made of natural leather for a great feel and touch on the ball. Two nice features on the upper are the off-center lacing and pods on the instep. The off-center lacing helps to give you a clean striking surface to keep your shots and passes as accurate as possible. The foam pods on the instep work similarly to the CTR360 line. They help give you a great first touch and improved control.


Not only do these look great, they also are very comfortable. As I said above, the leather is very comfortable and breaks in nicely. These have a die-cut EVA sockliner to give cushioning in both the heel and the forefoot. The heel also is a little higher to try to keep your foot from sliding out. All of these features help keep your foot comfortable, but the traction helps you stay on your feet. These shoes feature rubber studs throughout the bottom to offer great control while the ball is under your feet as well as great traction.


Even though outdoor season is just around the corner, these shoes can still come in handy if you play on a lot of turf fields. They will provide great traction and comfort, while looking great on your feet. They are currently on sale for $67.49 at SoccerPro.com, so go check them out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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