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The indoor season can be an interesting transition from the outdoor game. The game plays faster, more emphasis is placed on operating in tight spaces and quick movement, and you could be given only five minutes on the field at a time to make an impact. Really, you need a fast shoe that will hold up with the intensity and speed of the indoor game. The youth Tiempo Natural IC is an incredible choice for indoor and court surfaces. This shoe is very durable so it’s sure to last.

The Tiempo Natural is all white with highlighter yellow accents. The upper part of the shoe is made from trophy synthetic leather, which means your getting a comfortable fit and a great touch on the ball. Often times playing on such a hard surface can leave you feet really sore after a game, but I have found the with extra cushion the Tiempos really absorb the pounding. Inside the shoes lies a three quarter length insole EVA midsole with a recycled EVA sock liner, which really adds to the comfort. Playing inside, on court surfaces, often presents the problem of traction. You won’t see that problem with these. The bottom of the shoe has an articulated gum rubber with several patterns. This helps with grip. You can move across the court seamlessly and insures you do not slip and slide. Cuts are executed on a dime and movement seems seamless, as if you are wearing a pair of high quality cleats with terrific studs.

The shoes are clean with a white crisp color. To me, nothing is more intimidating then a pair of white boots, and since you are playing inside its easy to keep them clean! The Volt colored patented Nike swooshes add some style to the shoe and dress up the product a bit more, too. The gum rubber is visible when flat-footed and looks classy against the white trophy synthetic leather. A lace cover sits on the shoe as well and serves a functional and stylish purpose. Overall, the Tiempo Natural IC is a great buy if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a product that will last.

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