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The new Nike Mercurial Vapor color has hit the streets and it’s a classy pair of shoes if I ever saw them. They are slatted for the main man himself, Cristiano Ronaldo, as a replacement for his somewhat ill received Safari print Superflys. This isn’t to say the Safari color was unpopular, it was just controversial and a lot of people really loved it, or really hated it.

Nike have gone with a more conservative approach on this shoe, using a two toned design on the instep of blue and deep purple. The rest of the shoe is white with a black swoosh across the fore foot, and looks pretty classy with the icy blue interior. The main problem with these shoes is they will get dirty quickly, just like the whiteout Adizeros, so I’d look for some patches of green on the shoes after you wear them on the field the first time.

I love the feel of the soleplate, and comfort in these shoes. The Teijin synthetic leather on the upper allows me to be comfortable during the match, and molds itself to my foot making sure I can get a good touch on the ball. They have also added a touch compound on the forefoot of these soccer shoes that is supposed to make the ball stick to your feet better. This allows you to control the ball not just tap it away when your on the run
As for the chassis, is made of glass fibre, which means it’s lightweight, but flexible. And no, you won’t get glass in your foot. As for the studs, they are injected in order to add inner strength to them so you’re not slogging through with the thick heavy ones Nike have used in the past. Apparently, this reduces the weight 12% from the previous version, and while I didn’t actually put it on a scale it feels loads lighter. The cleat pattern itself is designed for stability and traction when sprinting so it won’t give a direct speed boost.
However, it will let you apply more force to the ground the right places to let you get the bite you need to take off quicker. The insole is comfortable, and I can’t feel the cleats on my foot too much during a match, other than that they look amazing.

If you can’t afford a Superfly like me, at $239.99, the lowest price I was able to find on the web, at soccerpro.com, and that’s a pretty good deal compared to the other sites I saw. Overall, they’re defiantly worth picking for their high quality at a lower price.

Written: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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