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The day has finally come; the arrival of the new Nike Superfly III in Red Plum. Though the shoe has remained somewhat unchanged, Nike has outfitted the shoe with some of the great features that made the the Superfly II the premier boot for the premier player, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo (love him or hate him), Clint Dempsey, Alexandre Pato, Eduardo, Mesut Ozil, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gabriel Agbonlahor, and Andrei Arshavin. Let’s dig in to some of the features.

The shoe is made of the same high quality Tejin leather that makes the shoe surprisingly durable for how lightweight the shoe feels. If you’re getting this boot, you are likely a player seeking an extremely lightweight shoe; you will not be disappointed. Flywire Technology provides incredible support on the upper while also maintaining an amazing lightweight design. A dual density cored stud system helps reduce weight even further on the outsole of the shoe, all the while giving you incredible traction for quick turns and instant acceleration. The studs are also adaptive, just as in the Superfly II. Adaptive, you ask? Let me fill you in. The studs can extend up to 3 mm based on ground conditions and pressure to give you maximum traction no matter what treacherous conditions you could face during a match. The 1-bar stud configuration also delivers multi-directional traction so you can cut in literally any direction. So, we’ve established the shoes are lightweight…some people believe that the shoe is not durable based off how much weight is taken off the shoe…it’s a fair concern. However, you have no need to worry. The Carbon Fiber chassis in the outsole solves these issues. The chassis is engineered for huge outputs of energy while maintaining structure, strength, and keeping the weight off your feet. In the last minutes of a match, every ounce shaved off your feet is another step you can gain on your opponent to the ball. With the game getting faster and more physical with each passing campaign, the need for an edge is vital. The Superfly is your cutting edge.

The shoe is a bit flashy, but to be honest, if you are an elite player, don’t you want to be? Nike classifies the color as Red Plum, but in reality, it’s some sort of Magenta (hence the combo color of Red and Plum). Most of the boot is covered with this, but the insole is where the shoe really stands out to be truly unique. The shoe features a dark gray instep with a voltage pattern that is fierce all in its own right. It’s really a unique but terrific colorway that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. The huge upgrade in looks over the Superfly II comes from the removal of the somewhat gaudy lace cover. It may have proved a functional feature for some players, but it was real ugly and honestly got in the way most of the time. Nike has made the correct decision by ridding itself of this eyesore.

Don’t get me wrong; the cleat is a big investment. But so is your game. If you are developing into an elite player or already are considered to be elite, you need to be wearing elite gear. The Superfly III is the answer for you.

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  1. Hi I liked to know how if I could get this cleat for half price discount?