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Right now, it may not be soccer jacket weather, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the new Nike USA N98 Jacket. It’s sleek, classy, and a clear upgrade from the old jacket in terms of styling.

The N98 Jacket series by Nike have distinctive features across the board that make them the highest quality lightweight jackets around. The jackets are always full zip, have two frontal pockets that zip, and cuffed pockets, collar, and waistband. Besides that, they feel terrific to wear on a cool day (not really great for the extreme weather). The jackets are quite comfortable and are snug enough to provide some decent warmth if it’s windy, yet loose enough where your movement doesn’t feel constricted. The N98 jackets are pretty versatile as well, in that it looks great during warm ups, warming the bench, or just with a pair of jeans while you’re out and about. But enough about the basic template of the jacket…how does this one stack up to other jackets?

In short, it’s my favorite N98 jacket released for the US. The Red, Blue and Gold color scheme all tie together seamlessly and simply look classy. The jacket is primarily blue, with terrific red accenting lining the bottom, sleeves, and center zipper. It’s as if Nike jumped inside my brain and produced the exact USA soccer jacket I made up in my mind. It’s a rather minimalist design in the front, with a gold swoosh and a US crest on the other chest side. The back is where the party begins, just like a Tony Meola mullet. Though mostly plain, the jacket doest feature in all capital letters “USA” in gold print. It fits tremendously will against the primary blue color scheme and just simply looks right. I’m just sold.

Words are not enough to describe how truly awesome this jacket is. It’s my favorite jacket Nike has released in quite some time and although it’s an investment at $85, it’s worth every single penny and more.

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