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A new color way of the Nike Elite Soccer Shoes in the Laser is out and about. As I opened the box, I knew I had come across the privilege of holding a special boot in my hands. The boot is extraordinary in many ways and it’s easy to see why some of the top professionals use this boot as their choice for guiding their teams on the pitch, whether that be Wayne Rooney, Wesley Sneijder, Carlos Puyol, or Fernando Torres (despite his torrid form at his new club at Stamford Bridge).

The Laser Elite is all about power and accuracy, the trademarks of the players listed above coincidentally. The upper is made of high quality Tejin microfiber synthetics that help reduce the weight of the shoe and increase durability. Asymmetrical lacing helps give a huge striking surface for all the power you will surely put behind your shots (if you are interested in that type of thing). If you’re more of a distributor on the pitch, the huge strike area and the patented ShotShield technology helps increase accuracy of your passes and put some pace behind those deliveries. Plus, raised TPU fins are located on the instep of the shoe, adding some swerve to your crosses, shots, and passes. Really, it’s all about Power and Accuracy. What else helps in achieving these two critical components of your game? Let’s jump into the outsole. Lightweight TPU injected blades help you increase your traction on the pitch but also increase power and acceleration with each step you take, so you can arrive at the ball first rather than your opponent. The outsole is also outfitted with a Carbon Fiber Chassis, which gives you extremely lightweight, yet surprisingly durable support. You’ll explode out of your turns with phenomenal power and pace, just like the pros do. A lightweight design and functional features on the boot make this a product that will give you an edge on the field with one fell swoop.

The shoes are a bit plain, but then again, what do you need a flashy shoe for if you blast a shot past your opponent from 30 yards out anyway? The shoe is mostly white all over, with a bit of dress up in other colors lining the shoe. Black Nike swooshes line the boot in various places, plus the patented Laser element and ShotShield are black too. It’s really a modern take on a black and white shoe that works quite well.

There’s no disguising the price tag; it’s an investment, for sure. However, with all you get and the undeniable quality the shoe delivers, it’s really a no-brainer. The Nike Laser Elite White with Black has quality and excellence written all over it.

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