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Nike have just released their latest in carnation of the venerable Tiempo Legend soccer shoes and they are looking classy in a black with orange colorway. The new boot has a lot of innovations, including reduced weight to make it more competitive in the modern soccer market, and overall, I think Nike have really hit this one out of the park.


The boots themselves just look good, the orange really pops against the black leather background, and the larger white swoosh only heightens the level of contrast between the colors. The laces are bright orange, and Nike have added the same color on a stripe on the back of the soccer shoe which adds a splash of color that makes the boots look seems unified. I found them to be really vibrant looking on the pitch as well as the green grass makes the orange really stand out.


The Tiempo Legend IV has several new technical elements that I think significantly improve the shoes in terms of both weight and performance. The first innovation included in these shoes is a modified leather flywire technology. The Tiempo Flywire package is very different from the Superfly in several ways. The Superfly Flywire provides support without sacrificing weight in order to keep the boots light, the new Tiempo Flywire isn’t so worried about weight, but is used to enhance mid-foot support without sacrificing the soft fit and comfort of the k-leather upper. You can see on the image that the flywire comes to a point at the lace holes on either side of the upper, so the laces more closely tension the boot upper to your foot. This gives you a better fit, and hold your foot tighter to the heel cup.

The sole plate is much the same as the last version of the Tiempo Legend and so are the cleats. They’re pattern to be versatile, and work well under any conditions, even wet ground. One caveat, if you’re playing on turf or court, you’ll want to get the right version of these shoes for that surface.


These Legend soccer shoes fit true to size, and are very comfortable. The memory foam under the tongue is my favorite feature in that regard and works to keep the pressure of the boot away from bone and tendons. It feel almost glove like when you put them on the first time, and this feeling stays with you as they begin to mold to your feet. They need a about two practices to completely break in, but I didn’t get blisters from them the first time I wore them. The stud pressure isn’t an issue with these shoes, but you may want to clean the dirt off of them if you play on a wet surface as it can get caked on and weight them down.


Overall, I love these shoes, they’re comfortable, they look good, and they provide a great touch on the ball. They’re available for pre-order June 20th.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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