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Let’s face it: the need for a lightweight boot is growing with each passing boot, no matter what level you play the beautiful game at. The game is getting faster as players become more physically fit, quicker, and more agile. It’s time for you to keep pace. Maybe you find yourself saying, “But, I don’t have $200+ to spend on a brand spanking new pair of soccer cleats. What do I do?”. It’s a Miracle. Literally. Introducing the flashy and totally amazing Nike Mercurial Miracle II in Photo Blue.

First, let’s look at the price point. Less than $125. Compared to the $200+ I could spend on Nike Superflys or Nike Vapors, that’s one good deal. So, what exactly do you get out of this amazing deal? First, the upper is made of Tejin synthetic leather, just like in the Vapor. It’s a super lighweight material that provides a superb touch on the ball and is real soft to the touch. Plus, the material conforms to your foot to a degree so you essentially get a custom fit boot. Good start, huh? The Miracle also features the same contours mirroring the shape of the foot, just like on the ultra premium Superfly and Vapor. The Miracle also mirrors its big brothers with the traditional lace system with no gaudy lace cover, giving you optimal control and support when you are flying around the pitch. The midsole also uses a contoured sockliner with EVA inserts, so you get that nice cushy feel even in a lightweight shoe. It’s really like stepping on a pile of pillows (if you haven’t tried it, go do it!). All of these features are great, but really makes this boot a Miracle is the outsole.

The bottom of these cleats features a glass fiber composite heel chassis. Sounds complex, but really what that means is that you’ll be getting ultra light and highly durable and flexible support around sole of your foot. The shoe also uses direct-inject-dual-density TPU studs. That may sound like some Nike jargon too, so in laments terms, you’ve got thick and directly injected studs implanted into the outsole made of high quality materials. You know these studs won’t fall apart on you. Plus, you’ll get awesome traction with the design of the stud pattern so turns can be performed on a dime. To top it all off, Nike’s increased traction on this bad boy with the Vapor traction forefoot island, which helps you turn on the front of your feet with greater precision and speed than ever before. Let’s just say you get a good value out of all of these sweet features. But of course, the shoe also looks crazy cool, too.

Sure, Photo Blue is a made up colorway designed by the crew at Nike. Let’s get one thing straight though: it’s an awesome made-up colorway. The shoe is mostly blue all over, with a big white Nike swoosh sitting at the front of the boot. The back studs are neon colored and pop with each step you take. What really makes this boot flashy (love it or hate it), however, in the bright orange instep pattern. The pattern is highly stylized and modern, however, it meshes with the blue terrifically. If you’ve seen the color contrast between orange and blue (think University of Illinois clash), you should be loving the way this shoe looks.

We really are looking at a Miracle. It’s an excellent boot for terrific price, jam packed with features you could only find in premium boots for a reasonable price. Plus, it’s pretty sexy, too.

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