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The black Nike CR7 line of soccer shoes is out, and they look awesome, but they are pricey. Thankfully, these Nike Mercurial Miracle CR7 II FG have the same look as the Vapor and Superfly models, but only cost $124.99.

The upper on these shoes is made of the same Teijin synthetic leather as the Superfly, so you’ll get a superb touch on the ball. My favorite part of it doesn’t involve the touch thought, its about the comfort, The insoles in these boots have some sort of gel like substance right under the heel which really takes the sting out of the ground. I also like the way the upper hugs my foot and still fell lightweight. Its not the most breathable material, but you won’t mind so long as you’re not wearing them for hours on end.

The midsole also helps to relieve stud pressure on your toes, so you won’t get blisters on the bottom of your foot. These shoes do need some breaking in around the sides of your foot, particularly where the upper meets your forefoot. I found I got a blister and had some rubbing there the first time I wore them. After three training sessions, this problem went away as the leather molded to my foot.they also need this time to become fully flexible as they may seem rigid the first time you put them on, particularly around where your toes meet you foot.

The sole plate is excellent, both in terms of design and durability. The heel studs are TPU injected and molded to a carbon fiber plate to give them extra strength and better energy return on the run. The forefoot cleats are shaped to give you better traction and while they don’t adjust to the ground like the ones on my Superflys, they work really well.

Overall, this is a great pair of Nike soccer shoes, and I definitely recommend them if you want the Mercurial look and performance at an affordable price. I know we’d all like to buy every color of Superfly, but lets be honest, not everyone can throw $400 way every 2 months. Check them out at soccerpro.com, we found the best price there.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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