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Hey guys, it Kendra again ready to give my input on another awesome Nike soccer cleat, the CTR360 Maestri III FG! I may be a little bias in this shoe because I was instantly attracted to the black and gold design (MIZ anyone?) but after trying it on the coloring wasn’t the only thing that made me fall in love with the shoe!! And although I would like to think Nike made a shoe for my beloved Mizzou Tigers, this shoe was actually made for the Gold Cup, so if you can’t be there this is as close as you’ll get!

I have a fairly, how do I say this…large sized foot, so I need a shoe that allows for a lot of room front to back and side to side and when I tried this shoe on the skies opened up the sun came out and birds started singing! It was an AMAZING fit. The only thing is I had a little trouble finding the right size but when I found it, it was just right!

The upper part of the shoe is a synthetic leather which provides a good feel to the ball but isn’t so light that you feel like you have nothing on. The synthetic Kangaroo leather is also great for all weather conditions, cooling on the hot hot days and won’t get to heavy on the rainy days. Nike has also inserted forefoot dampening pods that make the cleats ideal for your first touch on the ball. On the instep Nike has newly engineered an instep receiving pad that makes it easy to receive the ball but is also beneficial for distribution of the ball. Again, I’m not a fan of Side lacing but it seems almost avoidable now, but I do notice the side lacing allows for increased surface area to strike the ball!

The insoles are pretty basic but still provide a lot of comfort. The molded poron injected sock liners seemed made if feel like I could wear these cleats around all day and not make my feet hurt! A little extra material around the achilles made it so that my foot wouldn’t slip.

The actual cleats were dual density which will make them last a long time and means you won’t have to buy a new pair mid-season! The cleats allowed for ultimate trapping and great stability when running around!

These are great cleats for someone who likes a little more material to their foot and not a fan of superlight weights but not looking for a super heavy shoe! At $179.99 this shoe is well worth it, and comes with a nifty gold and black bag to carry your cleats around in! I would say YES YES YES to anyone looking to wear these cleats even if you have no idea what the Gold Cup is you can still sport these
awesome Nike cleats!

Kendra , Girls Soccer Guru, Soccerprose.com


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