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A lot of shin guards are out there that are big, bulky, and frankly quite awkward to wear since the emphasis is solely on protecting your entire leg below your knee. Let’s just say that this new shin guard is not in that realm. The new CR7 Safari Lite Shinguard is the perfect compromise between reliable protection and flashy style.

The first thing that pops about this guard is the obvious homage to the Safari Superfly Ronaldo sports for Los Blancos and the Portuguese national team. In this way, the guard features all the eccentricities and flair you’d come to expect from one of the world’s greatest players. It’s an all black guard, which may seem boring, but upon closer examination, isn’t. Spots line the product everywhere and really make for a unique look. A volt-colored (yes, Nike made up their own colorway, you’ve to deal with it) swoosh sits flush on the front of the guard and pops against the black spotted background. Finally, the guard features the same iconic Superfly pattern that appears to make you volt across the pitch with amazing speed.

So your guard looks cool…will it prevent you from breaking your leg? In short, it will at bare minimum increase your prevention of injury drastically. The guard features a durable low profile shell that sits a bit lower than most guards on your leg. Love or hate that feature. Dense foam, however, reduces and diffuses any impact you may see during a match, such as a deadly Nigel De Jong super attack. Plus, it’s pretty comfortable, too. An anatomical fit on your leg ensures you’ll be comfortable no matter how awkward or standard your leg may be. The one little complaint I do have about the performance is the lack of a NOCSAE approval. Though you can probably get buy without this, it’d be nice to have.

The CR7 guard is a reliable flashy fit that will reduce your chances of injury significantly.

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