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The Nike5 Rolinho Clube Futsal ball caught my attention when it first arrived at the shop while I was looking for another match or replica ball to put on the shop’s wall. I basically had a passing glance at it, so it didn’t register right away that it was a futsal ball. All I knew was that it was an eye-catching green which is a cross between lime and pea green, and that it had the same basic design as the other current balls in the Nike T90 lineup. However, today I finally decided to investigate further, and what I’ve discovered is that this ball should be taken into account for anyone and everyone needing a Futsal ball.

The panel construction on this ball is as standard as any other—32 panel construction with butyl bladder. What demarcates a Futsal ball from a regular ball is that it’s a little smaller, a little heavier and is much more resistant to bouncing. It’s definitely not like kicking a pillow as with other balls, but it’s also not like kicking a rock either. The Clube offers a sturdy, somewhat flexible ball that is perfect for a Futsal match, but it could just as easily be used in touch and feel training. As I mentioned earlier, the ball doesn’t have much bounce to it. After one bounce, the ball is pretty much deadened. Of course this should be expected from a Futsal ball, and this is exactly why I’d say it’s great for touch training, especially when trying to improve the first touch. I also noted previously that the ball is a cross between pea green and lime green with the same design as other T90 balls. The difference between those balls and this Futsal ball is that the broken circular patterns are filled with hexagons which get smaller from top bottom. The outer rings are a light blue while the center ring has white hexagons. Overall, it makes for a very noticeable ball, which is definitely necessary on Futsal hard courts. Each Clube ball costs $29.99, so if you need to pick one up for a match or team practice, it’s definitely affordable. In fact, a few guys were in the shop the other day, and they split the ball 3 ways, making cost pretty much insignificant. SoccerPro has plenty in stock, so head on by!

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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