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Okay, it’s Monday, so how about we skip the “how do ya do’s” and just charge headfirst into today’s agenda? I’m positive that most of you have kept an eye on upcoming Barcelona merchandise, and I have in front of me the Nike Barcelona Training Top in yellow. I’m not usually one for training tops, often preferring either the cotton tee or a replica jersey, but one key element swayed me in favor of this particular top; more on that in a bit.

The functional idea with training tops is that they keep you cool and dry while you go about your physical activities. Nike has this covered completely by making the shirt out of thin 100% recycled polyester and by mesh panels on the shoulders, sleeves, abdomen and waist. To put the thinness in perspective, it’s about the same thickness as the replica jersey, which believe you me is about as thin as soccer shirts come. Ventilation should never be an issue given the amount of mesh throughout the shirt. The fit of the shirt is pretty true to size; I wear a size medium, and that’s what fits for this top. It’s slightly snugger than most shirts around the shoulders but not really enough to cause concern over fit. As always though, if you’re worried, go ahead and try a couple sizes on. That pretty much rounds us out for the construction of the shirt. I think it’s wonderfully designed and executed, and you shouldn’t have any problems with wear and tear if you follow the washing instructions.

Not only does the shirt keep you cool, but it also keeps you looking cool (rimshot). Seriously though, the majority of this shirt is the Barcelona maize color, which in itself isn’t terribly exciting, however, this is where the one key element comes into play—accenting dark gray diagonals! That’s right, folks. The sleeves and torso have dark gray diagonal lines about 2 in. in width, and they really pull the shirt together into something subtly attractive. Had Nike gone with just a maize shirt, it would seem a little mundane; instead, it looks classy and appealing because of the on extra touch. Good work, Nike. As always, you have the Barcelona crest embroidered into the left breast and the Nike Swoosh heat pressed into the right breast. Oh, and of course there’s also the sponsor (Qatar Foundation) pressed just beneath the crest and swoosh. Overall, I love the way the dark gray and maize complement one another to provide a smooth, attractive shirt. I don’t know about you, but my eye immediately darts to the dark gray diagonal on the front torso that seems to have an implied connection to the stripe up on the left sleeve.

So the shirt is comfortable, functional and looks suave. It isn’t mind-blowing with its coolness, but it exceeds expectations as far as training tops go. Depending on your inclination, the $44.99 price tag may seem steep. I honestly think, however, that the quality material and design makes this shirt worth the price; as I said previously, if you wash it properly, then you’ll have this top for some time to come. If maize isn’t your thing, then check out the other training top, which is the same design with the maize/dark gray elements swapped.

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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