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Barcelona are coming off signing the largest shirt sponsorship deal in the history of football (and sports in general) so out comes a new array of Barcelona gear with the new sponsor, the Qatar Foundation, plastered all over it (the UNICEF logo still remains on some of the gear, so don’t you worry if you loved that sponsor like I did). A new training top for the best team in Europe has hit the market and it looks quite sharp.

Before a big match, a training shirt is becoming more and more commonplace and the trend has grown on me thanks to all of Nike and Adidas pushing me to buy into the concept. At any rate, it’s a great alternative to a replica jersey if you don’t have the funds to purchase one. The training top is primarily a slate gray, an interesting if not odd choice considering the away kit for the campaign is black. Perhaps the thought process was that this color would be too hot for warming up the legs. The color choice is not a bother, at any rate and the yellow, seemingly random accents on the top look nice against the gray backdrop. I’m not sure who made the design choice of the randomly placed accents but they look quite modern and unique. Nike has implemented the look across many clubs’ training tops as well, including Manchester United.

The shirt was quite breathable, as one should expect from a training top. Dri-Fit technology was a nice surprise in the shirt, considering all Nike jerseys (which cost $30-40 more) are outfitted with the technology. Mesh inserts on the sleeves and underarms were also a welcome addition to keep the shirt lightweight and breathing. It was a bit tighter than expected but not restrictive in any fashion.

Overall, it’s a slick style if you’re on a budget and you love Camp Nou with all your heart. We all know Fabregas does.

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