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All of the lights shine brightly on this superstar team for the upcoming season. Thierry Henry, international icon and one of the most marketable soccer players to play in the last two decades, leads the attack and captains the side in the brand new Red Bull Arena (which he has taken the train directly to the game with the common folk, so cool!) Former Barcelona standout Rafael Marquez will lead the backline and be a ball-winner so he can distribute to the rest of his team, after fears he may leave the team after just one season. After a highly disappointing post-season, the Red Bulls will be charged up that they can win and win now. To prove it, they’ve got to have the look to match their motivation, too, so they’ll be wearing some nice threads in the new New York Red Bull Home Jersey for 2011.

The first thing that stands out on the jersey is the blatantly huge Red Bull logo sitting just below the chest and above the bottom of the jersey. It is quite large, but it really has the Red Bull company values written all over it; energy with the basic motto of “Go Big or Go Home” (you are welcome all you Johnny Tsunami fans out there). It’s all a bit flashy but in a great way. Nice red contour line the shoulders and ends of the arms on the jersey, a clear Adidas influence. On the chest, an offset red vertical line goes down the near-middle of the shirt nearly down to the logo (perhaps they wanted buttons at some point, not sure) but it dresses it all up a bit more. An Adidas logo lies high up on the left side of the chest while the right chest side features the Red Bull crest. It’s certainly a unique jersey, but this is a unique squad. It’s really the perfect storm.

Adidas has gone all out to make this jersey feel great for any fan. ClimaCool technology lines the New York Red Bull jersey all over and I couldn’t be happier about this decision. The company has outfitted each of the MLS jerseys with this amazing material, which helps wisp away moisture, keep you cool, and keep you comfortable regardless of what harsh (or stagnant) conditions you wear the shirt around in. The jersey is also terrifically versatile. You can wear this swag on the pitch, on the couch watching the squad, or just out with your friends. It always looks good.

The Red Bulls will be looking pretty awesome all season long and you can do that too by picking up this great product.

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