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Check out this new White, Radiant Pink, and Blue color of the Adidas F50 Adizeros , up for pre-order now on soccerpro.com I think there quite striking especially once your on the pitch. The white of the shoes, along with the blue tongue and pink stripes looks class with the green of any field. The shoes themselves feature the same technology that has made the Adizeros so popular.

The upper is made fro ma single piece of Sprint Skin synthetic leather to give you great touch on the ball. And in my experience it molds to your feet very well once broken in. The other thing thats great about the upper is the fact it won’t get heavy when wet. This can be a really problem with kangaroo leather boots, or natural-synthetic composites that feature on a Nike CTR 360 Maestri. It also got internal TPU bands running along the sides of the foot which add extra support for your arches and hold the boot on your foot better.

Another feature of these soccer shoes is that they contain an ultralight sockliner. IT help keep your feet dry, as even wit ha synthetic leather, the inside of your boot can still get sweaty and slide around your foot.

Probably the best feature on these boots, and the true game changer, is the sprint frame construction and geometric cleats. The sprint frame is super light, to the point where it seems absurd when you actually hold them, and the cleats really bite into the ground. The genius of the cleats is in their triangular shape as no matter what way you move in the boots there is always a control surfaces that bites in to the dirt. The fact the point of the triangles are pointed in also means the boot is extremely stable, and while you may feel a tackle on the top of your foot, you slip and fall in these soccer cleats.

Overall, they’re a great pair of boots for a striker or winger, and at $199.99 there a good buy available exclusively on soccerpro.com.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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