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So I’m going to file this rumor in the “maybe so crazy its true” file, but it seems possible that Jose Mourinho will be returning to the Premiership, and may take over Manchester United. Its been rumored for some time that Mourinho, like his predecessors has had a hard time getting along with Real Madrid’s president, Jorge Valdano. Mourinho is not known for relinquishing control over his team, and has endured a sordid time at Madrid as the club has bought who it pleases, and he has been forced to play them. It seems the even the “special one” has been unable to find the degree of success that would satisfy Mr. Valdano. Keep in mind, if it hadn’t been the 5-0 hammering at the hands of Barcelona, they would be breaking all sorts of records. But when you don’t win the Champions League along with every other match at Real Madrid, your considered a failure, and it seems Mourinho has had enough.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Mourinho said:

“I’ve decided to return to England. I have nothing prepared about my future – I just want to be happy in my work.

“I have no preferences about Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. I just want to rediscover the joy.

“I’m not saying the Premier League is the most spectacular in the world but it is the best organised… the fair play and the enormous respect for your opponent.”

Now its no secret that Alex Ferguson and Mourinho have always got on, as highlighted by the hilarious “I’ll bring better wine, next time we play incident” shows here. Ferguson has also not appointed or anointed a successor from within the Manchester United staff, so it stands to reason the next manager of United will be from another club. And who better to take over than Mourinho.

He has a reputation for getting bored and moving on, but he has always said he wants to succeed Fergie at United, and would stay there for life. For my part, I think he’s fed up managing the pretenders of top flight football; the Chelseas, Inter Milans, and Real Madrids of the world. He needs to be with a club like Barcelona, or Man Utd, or Bayern Munich. For that reason I can’t see him having another go round in a Chelsea jersey, no matter how damaged Ancelloti is. Or Manchester City, as it would forever scupper his chances of managing Manchester United.

So its a long shot, but some say soon we may see Jose Mourinho walking the touchline at Old Trafford, managing the home side, and getting things thrown at him by Manchester City fans.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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