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The 2011 Womens World Cup is right around the corner (finally). You may be saying to yourself, “I’m on a limited budget, so I can’t get that sweet US Womens jersey. Luckily, Nike has given you the chance to cheer on your ladies without breaking your bank. Rolling across my desk this morning was the new Mia Hamm Hero T-Shirt, which honors perhaps one of the greatest womens soccer players ever to play the game. Why is she so awesome? Let’s just dig into some of her accolades and statistics from her years as a player.

2-Time winner of the FIFA Womens World Player of the Year Award? Check. Capped 250+ times for the USWNT? Check. 150+ goals in those 250+ appearances? No problem. Mia Hamm’s silhouette is even featured in the Womens Professional Soccer League logo. She was dubbed by one of my favorite sports commentators, Michael Wilbon, as “perhaps, the most important athlete of the past 15 years”. She was named by Pele as one of the 125 best living players today. Hamm is a global icon and a role-model for athletes all around the world. Yeah, so she’s pretty important…what about the shirt?

The front of the shirt features the iconic number 9 she was so well known for wearing throughout her storied career. It’s an all white shirt with red numbering and looks really classy and clean. It’s a simplistic look on the front that includes a black Nike swoosh and the USWNT crest prominently placed on the chest. Besides that, the shirt is pretty “plain-Jane”. But that’s ‘ok’ when you are honoring one of the greats of all time. The back features a huge “9” that takes up about half of the back. Like the front, it’s also a red “9” and looks terrific. Hamm is also included on the back so it’s as if you’re getting her jersey’s look for the price of a shirt. Pretty good deal, ladies, right?  Did I mention the shirt is really comfortable and durable? Sounds like the best of all worlds of a Mia Hamm jersey. Overall, it’s a great buy if you’re looking to save a few bucks while showing your passion for the team and one of the truly great players to ever step foot on the pitch.

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