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Mexico has been one of my favorite national teams for as long as I can remember, which just so happens to be the 1994 world cup. Originally my affinity for the squad stemmed from the national colors and their sweet jerseys. I mean, who doesn’t remember the totem jersey design from 1998? As time goes on, though, I find myself digging the squad for their players. Javier Hernández, Giovani dos Santos, and Guillermo Ochoa are exciting to watch and are definitely on the rise. However, the order of business today is not to discuss the future of Mexico’s national team, but it is instead to talk about the Adidas Mexico Goalkeeper Jersey.

At first glance, this goalkeeper jersey is a little deceiving visually—it seems to be a plain white jersey with the Adidas logo and the Mexican team crest. However, a closer look reveals a lot more going on with this jersey. The sleeves, for example, are sectioned off into three parts. The shoulders are a black background with a red 3-stripe design on top, which is of course a nice contrast with the white jersey. From the shoulder to the elbow, the jersey is indeed just white. After the elbow comes a return of the 3-stripes, although this time in green with a white background. The back of the elbow/forearm also has the necessary padding outlined by green. The sleeves are a simple, classic design that perfectly complements the front of the jersey.

At the top center of the jersey is a green stitched Adidas logo. On the left chest is a stitched Mexican team crest, which is classic in its own right. The two sides of the abdomen are a plain and simple white area fenced in by the same green fabric lines that border the elbow pads. Sounds pretty ordinary and mundane, right? Well, that’s where the subtle design on the front comes into play. The subtle design is a stylized bas-relief pattern that resembles feathers laid out in a shingle-like form. This of course makes sense by following the Eagle sitting proudly atop the team crest. Adidas made a smart move by making it a simple relief design rather than opting for a separate color altogether. The subtleness communicates that something is there when viewed from a distance, and when viewed up close, presents a classy, somewhat reserved design. On the other hand, one could see the design as being multiple spearheads, which I suppose lets opponents know that the keeper is “in it to win it” as they say and won’t be taking any guff.

As for comfort, this jersey is just as comfortable as any other on the market. It has the standard Adidas CLIMACOOL technology, and the elbow/forearm pads ensure that the jersey can be played in for quite some time. At the moment, these bad boys are on sale at SoccerPro.com for $59.99, which I’d say is a fair price. It’s high time these keeper jerseys get the attention they deserve.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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