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So you know what they say, if you grow a long white beard, and live in a remote cave, eventually the Americans will drop something on you. Its almost Christmas time, and fit seems someone must have hit Santa’s with something as he has decided the Glazer family need three Qatari princes to bring them a nice little present this year. No, its not Lionel Messi in a Manchester United jersey, The Qatari royal family are rumored to be planning a bid, which has met with some traction, to buy the club for the absurd sum of $1.5 billion. The reasons for the bid aren’t totally knowable, perhaps the Emir of Qatar wants something else to do on Tuesdays when the Ferraris, the women, and overseeing the slave labor on the 2022 stadiums becomes tiresome. More likely, they are trying to build up there soccer credentials, and the fact they are trying to do it with purchasing power shows what a backward and caustic regime this really is.

So if you wanted to be accused of corruption, and give your accusers some ammo, the best way to do it after winning a world cup bid which should never have even been excepted due the climate in your country, let alone the political concerns, would be to immediately starting using money to buy some soccer street cred. This recent bid for Manchester United seems symptomatic of regime that seeks to use money to further tis interests, so its not too much of a leap then to say they bribed some of FIFA’s sludged dipped delegates to get the bid.

If the bid is successful, and I would give it a 50/50 shot, I can’t wait to see how the fans, already angry at the Glazer’s, will treat the Emir of Qatar when he comes to visit his newest palace. I can hear the chants of “Off with their heads” now, and all the money in the world won’t stop the Old Trafford crowd from loudly and publicly voicing their opinion.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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