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The Manchester Evening News is reporting an ugly incident that happened following Manchester City’s match with West Ham United.

Apparently, a Man City fan tried to break up a beating that two drunken City supporters were doling out to a West Ham supporter in front of his child, in Manchester city center. However, the tow drunken idiots started attacking him instead, and shanked him straight through his Manchester City jersey with a screwdriver leaving him with a collapsed lung.

Here’s the account he gave:

“The West Ham fan was with a little boy who was clearly upset. I think it might have been his son. I walked over and said ‘lads, that’s out of order’, but then one of them turned on me. He kept calling me a Cockney – I am from Nottingham and he wouldn’t believe I was a City fan. He was drunk and asked me what it had to do with me. I stepped in to stop them and one of them hit me from behind. Another then hit me with a screwdriver.”

The thugs ran off towards Ashton New Road.

“I didn’t realise I had been stabbed,” he said. “I got to the city centre and a police officer called me an ambulance. I was in intensive care for two days.”

The fan says he was disappointed nobody else challenged his attackers. He said: “There was loads of people around who could see what was going on but nobody did anything. I’m gutted, I would have hoped somebody would have helped me out.”

The gallant City fan then spent the next few days layed up in the hospitals ICU as he recovered from his injuries. The two scumbags remain at large.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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