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The new Nike Safari Superfly has just released and the color scheme is generating a lot of buzz. The shoes are white with black spots cheetah that covers the shoe, even the laces, and an orange Nike Swoosh along the out step over the printed pattern. The shoes are part of the Mercurial Vapor line, and have all of the same features as the Bright Cactus version released in May.

These aren’t really a new type of boot, but a variation on the already existing line of Nike top drawer shoes. The shoe is designed to give you some extra speed with its glass fiber outsole plate. The studs feature the new Vapor traction pattern with the cleats higher on the front outstep and on the instep of the heel to allow you to dig in you cleats and change direction faster.

The upper is made of the Dawoo Synthetic cover that has been on all of the shoes in this class and help ball control when you’re on the run. The interior is made of microfiber, and adjust to the shape of your foot to give you a more natural fell for the ball. Think of a gel insole, but on the top of your foot, and it’s breathable. What’s more is gives you a bit more material between the top of your foot and an opponents cleats so there’s more protection than an Adidas Adizero or a Puma v. 1.10 SL.

If you a more aggressive player like me, this makes them a must have.The insole is made of the same breathable sock liner as featured in the rest of the Superfly boots and helps you stay dry. The cleats on the bottom of the boot are in the Vapor pattern, and are reinforced so they won’t come off unless you take a saw to them. The only problem is this tends to come out of the shoe easily when you take them off after the match as they sort of stick to your wet socks. At $399 a pair they aren’t cheap, but if you’re going to buy a top drawer pair of boots, you can’t beat the comfort and protection of these, and the unique colorway will definitely turn heads.

If you can get past the color, they’re great shoes that will hold up as well as any other Nike shoe. For my part, I think the orange and white of the cheetah actually go well together, but I’d prefer orange laces and to lose the blakc spots. Love them or hate them, they are associated with one of the best players in the world, and if Ronaldo’s scoring goals with them they’re sure to be a hit.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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