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Good afternoon, ladies and gents! With the new EPL season kicking off, we thought we’d bring you a delicious product review of an EPL team’s product—being a Liverpool fan, I felt obligated to choose the adidas Liverpool Training Top. It’s modeled after the away jersey, and it has a very classy look to it with comfort to boot.

This bad-motha of a top comes in the form of a quarter-zip pullover, made from 100% polyester. Why polyester instead of cotton? Well, the high quality polyester is going to be more durable and more elastic than cotton. Sure, the cotton might soften more as time goes on, but that’s not the main reason for buying this sort of jacket. You need a sturdy jacket to protect you from the elements of fall and early winter. This jacket can help. The flip side is that the jacket is also useful on relatively warm days due to the breathability of the CLIMACOOL influenced polyester as well as the mesh underarms. The jacket was designed with ventilation and airflow in mind, and adidas pulled it off swimmingly.

After putting the jacket on, I realized right off the bat that it runs fairly big. I usually wear a size medium, but a medium in this jacket made me look like a twelve-year-old. The waist came down to my mid-thigh, and the sleeves were baggy as can be. I’d suggest checking out a size smaller than your regular size. The jacket also comes with elastic sleeve cuffs and a bungeed waist band for proper fit in those areas. As I said, you’ll want to try a size smaller than usual, which I think causes the bungee and cuffs to fit perfectly. This soccer jacket is perfect for running and that type of activity, of course, but it’s also great for use while spectating or while out and about—it’s comfortable and will keep you dry. Not only that, but it (obvious segue is obvious) keeps you looking sharp!

To reiterate, the jacket is modeled after the away jersey but has a couple minor tweaks. The subtle striping is removed, for one. That’s ok though. You don’t want the jacket to seem too hectic, considering the red mesh underarms and the silver quarter zip. You’ll also notice that “Standard Chartered” is conspicuously missing from the front of the shirt. Turn it around, fella! Boom, there’s your sponsor logo displayed on the back in large silver letters, just below the adidas logo, which is just as big. “But Kris, what do the jersey and jacket have in common?!” you may be asking. Welp, both are primarily black with silver stripes on the shoulders—the jacket of course continues the stripes all the way down the sleeves. The team crest is also represented on the left chest with both, though the jacket is heat pressed rather than embroidered. Oh, and they’re both worth every penny.

Calling one of these bad boys your own will run about $69.99, which isn’t bad at all. You’ll receive a high quality jacket that will perform its duties for quite some time, especially if you take care of it. It can take abuse for sure, but I wouldn’t push it; basically, don’t go rock climbing in it and you’ll be fine.

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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