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In a bold move by new owner John Henry, Liverpool FC have dumped Adidas as their jersey maker, and agreed a 25 million pound($50 million) deal. The move has taken the soccer world by surprise as Warrior Sports, a company based in Henry’s hometown, Boston, Massachusetts make lacrosse and field hockey kits and equipment. According to The Times of London, the Boston-based subsidiary of New Balance, the running shoe company, will produce the Reds’ kits for the 2012/13 campaign. Adidas’ deal with the club is set to expire at the end of next season, and this new agreement will more than double their current £12million-a-year deal with the German sporting giants.


The roots of this deal definitely lie in Boston as the club’s American owners have strong links with New Balance chairman Jim Davis. New Balance recently agreed a deal to produce the Boston Red Sox uniform, and its seems this maybe a two for one deal for New England Sport Ventures. Some have already begun to fret over whether a smaller company like Warrior can produce enough kits to meet demand, and whether or not they’ll stick with a traditional Liverpool jersey design.

I think the design worries are unfounded as the club will have the final say on the jersey, and Dagilish would never send the first team out at home in anything other than red. As for the for being able to meet demand, Warrior will have the production facilities of New Balance’s baseball empire at its disposal, so they’re shouldn’t be much of an issue their, however they don’t do a lot of international business, so they’re may be problems getting them outside of the USA and Western Europe.

Either way, it should be interesting to see another company in the mix making Premiership jerseys, here’s to hoping it goes smoothly. Either way, the increased revenue form the kit deal should allow the club to go shopping for a few new players, and thats should assure a return to the top of the table.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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  1. Great company, very excited; their lacrosse gear is top class in a very high demanding, violent sport. They are also making a lot of hockey equipment which is also very high quality. We’re receiving a lot of money for the deal which is great.

    Though I always had a fantasy about an adidas jersey with and adidas sponsorship on the front as well. Would have looked branded. But, warrior has been very competitive in every sport they’ve dipped into so, here we go, Liverpool the originals again.



  3. This new kit is good as change is sometimes good . Just got bored of the 3 stripes everywhere .

  4. Brilliant deal. Not only are the current designs from this brand good, but the deal is reported to be £25 million-a-year. More than double our current intake from Adidas.

    @Ricardo: A fan who ‘cries in shame’ over a change of kit sponsor, despite it being beneficial to the club, is clearly not a true Liverpool fan.

  5. i think its a great deal too many teams are sponsered by adidas liverpool the oringanals again an warrior is a great make there hockey gear is one of the best so can’t wait to were a liverpool jersey made by the great warrior. an an extra 12 million better off FSG great company Y.W.N.A

  6. Warrior Sports seems a great company, Adidas may have been kicked to curb. Let’s see what can Warrior built for Liverpool. I hope to see something superior.

  7. i think its stupid wat is the problem with adidas there kits are fine i bought the home keeper shirt thinking it would last until the end of next season but now it wont well done liverpool well done if they become a big company and start making some nice boots maybe theyll get known more but making a unknown company ur kit maker is not a smart choice shud of at least waited until sum other team started having their kits made by them u may hav just lost a true liverpool surporter n maybe even more around the world also the material might not be the sme n u cud sweat more in them n they might be even harder 2 wash than the adidas shirts n then makethe colour fade just stupid

  8. Anyone else not disapointed about losing dan as a liverpool fan? Do some research warrior is not only a good brand and excelling in hockey and lacrosse in n.america but is 2x our income on kit brand. Trust in FSG they made the right choice with standard chartered taking over for carlsberg i think they know what there doing

  9. i’ve been told that the 2012/13 away kit is yellow sounds good i have got the home away and 3rd 2011/12 kits

  10. where i can buy liverpool jersey???USA only???
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hate this

  11. Oh my god!!!!No more adidas kits for Liverpool????I am Greek but i am a huge fan ot the club…….and i need to say that i was so impressed by the kits of liverpool for so many years…and now…Never mind.My love for this club will not be stopped because of this stupid fact!!