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Though the Beckham days in a Galaxy uniform are over, the Galaxy are still rolling on in awesome fashion with the new jerseys this season, designed by Adidas. The LA Galaxy away jersey may be tamer and simpler than most of the other MLS jerseys, but it’s still very appealing and can hold its own. For today, we’ll be talking about the away jersey, which I prefer (between you and me).

The away jersey is composed of three main colors: blue-gray, dark blue-gray and gold. Shocking, I know. Most of the action in this shirt rests in the shoulders and sleeves, which is alright by me. It’s a change of pace, if nothing else. As with a lot of Adidas jerseys, the 3-stripe design juts out from the collar down to the mid-sleeve. The stripes themselves are white on top of a dark blue mesh background, and are outlined by some boss gold stitching. The collar, too, has a narrow piece of gold fabric just below the throat, which completes the sweet gold outline touch of the shoulders. As for the sleeves, well, they’ve got some interesting cuff designs. Rather than being stitched over the main piece of fabric, the cuffs have a darker blue-gray fabric stitched underneath the main fabric, which definitely offers a unique and classy touch to the shirt. Of course there are also the following obligatory elements: the MLS logo is stitched on the sleeve; the LA Galaxy crest is stitched on the left chest; the Herbalife sponsor logo (which works very well might I add) is pressed across the chest and the Adidas logo is stitched just below the right collarbone. The other element on the jersey is the dark blue-gray mesh side abdomen slots. It’s a ventilated mesh, but you wouldn’t know it just by cursory glance. Adidas did a great job making the ventilation aspect appear suave and not obnoxious. Very cool. Finally, the very bottom of the shirt has another narrow piece of gold fabric which sneaks its head out from under the cuff, which provides a subtle touch of elegance to round out the jersey. Overall, the look of this jersey is very reserved yet greatly elegant. It will be appealing to those who aren’t even fans
of the Galaxy, I think.

Aside from looking cool, this jersey also fits well and feels comfortable. It has a silky feel to the touch, but it’s soft on the body. It’s also elastic enough to sit comfortably on top of your skin without feeling constrictive. Of course it’s also made with Adidas ClimaCool technology to keep you cool and dry. For $69.99, you’re getting a ballin’ shirt that can be used as a spectator, as a player or just as a person out on the town. If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should pick this jersey up, I highly recommend it and hope this review helped!

Written by: Kris Dyer, Colonel, Omicron Persei-8 Military, soccerprose.com correspondent.

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