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Let’s face it: if you have been a Juve fan the past few years, it’s been a tough road. The team has never quite had that allure it once had since the match fixing scandal and subsequent demotion to Serie B in 2006, however, many of the top players on the squad have stuck by the club’s ambitions, including Gianluigi Buffon and Alesandro Del Piero. The team will look to rebound in style and while they’re warming up to try to once again become apart of Europe’s elite, they’ll be looking pretty stylish in the new Juventus Trainer Jacket.

This full-zip jacket keeps you nice and warm, thanks in part due to the ribbed cuffs and waistband, that feature a style all their own. Similar to a design in an N98 jacket that many clubs have, the arms and waist feature a yellow and black striped design that is both distinctive and professional. Black stripes run up the sleeves and dress up the all white jacket to give it a more distinguished look. To round it all out, a black Nike swoosh and a Juventus crest sit on the chest and are nicely laid out. Finally, on the back, “Juventus” is imprinted in a stylistic manner. It’s all a bit plain but it’s all professional grade material if that’s what you are looking for.

It’s a fairly comfortable jacket but I’d prefer to splurge and go with an N98 jacket for Juventus for the extra $15. The jacket kept me decently warm in fall weather but I don’t see many players wearing this if snow may be in the forecast unless they wear something underneath the jacket (which usually is a given anyway, right?). It’s fairly lightweight thanks to it’s polyester/cotton design that is the ideal blend between warmth and performance.

In all, I may prefer an N98 jacket to a trainer jacket, but if you don’t have the funds for an upgrade, this is a great alternative that is both stylish and comfortable. Either that or you can go with a Juventus jersey which is always classic.

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