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Juve is one of the oldest clubs in the country of Italy and easily one of the most successful. The club has spent all but one season in top-flight football (the all too controversial 2006-2007 campaign) and has won numerous awards across Italy and across Europe. Accolades include being the most successful club in Italy of the 20th century (as voted by FIFA) and being the only team in all of football to have ever won all possible confederation competitions and the club world title in a single season. The Bianconeri also are one of the best traveling sides on the continent. To travel well, the team has to look spiffy and that’s no problem in the brand spanking new Juventus Away Jersey.

Though the club is renowned for the highly popular home kit, which has virtually remained unchanged since the club’s inception in 1897 (aka a long time), the away kit is equally as stylish in my opinion. Featuring a mostly white design, the away kit front has some pretty cool features. For one, the jersey is made by Nike, which makes the highest quality of equipment (as evidenced by the nice little Black swoosh prominently displayed on one side of the chest). The shirt has two stylistic stripes running down the center of the jersey, one red and one green. In between the two colored stripes lies a white strip, a clear nod to Italian national flag. It’s a nice feature if you’re non-soccer fans are ever confused as to wear Juve reside. On the other side of the chest lies the famous Juventus crest, complete with two gold stars lying above the crest which dress up the jersey a bit more. Overall, it’s a slick design that any Juve fan should be proud to wear.

Nike also made this jersey really comfortable. It’s made of 100% polyester, so it’s super durable and versatile to wear in almost any situation. The jersey also implements Nike’s patented and highly popular Dri-Fit material. Essentially, this technology helps you keep dry in almost any condition presented to you, whether it’s the scorching summer heat or the frigid winter cold. At any rate, the jersey is real lightweight and real comfortable thanks to this sweet technology.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique Juventus jersey, this one’s for you.

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