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Manchester City look to be feeling the pressure of contending for a title and the implications for the team could be huge if they are not crowned the champions of the Premier League this season.
Manchester City started the Premier League season very brightly, beating both Tottenham and Manchester United by a combined 11-2. Toward the middle of the campaign, it looked as though City would run away with the title after assembling one of the best squads money can buy. They also had a massive advantage with goal differential, scoring goals at will.
However, as of late, City’s form has dropped considerably, highlighted by their record away from the Etihad Stadium. Their away record this season is 7-4-4 compared to their 15-1-0 home form. This has allowed Manchester United to get back in the title race and surpass them in the League. With seven games left in the season, Manchester United now has a five-point lead on their city rivals and has made up the goal differential considerably.
This begs the question, what happens if City fails to win the League this season? Roberto Mancini took over the club in 2009 and has been largely successful. They have consistently improved under his leadership, making the Europa League, Champions League and now vying for the Premier League title. This has provided fans with much to cheer about, however, after an owner puts as much money into a team as Manchester City have, winning is expected. We are now at a point where manager’s are not given a great deal of time to shape their team and forge a winning side. Results are demanded immediately and if you are not able to provide, you will soon be looking for your next managerial position.
Mancini has been very successful, but the next logical step for the club is to win the Premier League title. If he is unable to provide this season, especially in a season where Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal have not had their best squads, it will be seen as a massive disappointment. It will also most likely be the end of the Mancini era at Manchester City. As successful as he has been and as much as he has changed the culture of soccer for Manchester City, who have long been considered the little brother to Manchester United, owners want results and they are likely to try a new approach if he doesn’t provide.
Soccer is more entertaining than ever; however coaching is now much harder than ever. Managers are no longer allowed time to accomplish goals and the pressure is more intense as the expectations rise, just ask Roberto Mancini.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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