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If anyone is still paying attention to the loan deal proposal so Beckham can play for Tottenham for a couple months, he’s at least arrived at the Spurs’ Chigwell Training ground. Many will be put off by his homeless looking nature that includes a bad haircut and a beard that can only be described as homeless. At any rate, the Los Angeles Galaxy have at least given the 35-year-old England International legend to train with the club before the MLS season starts opening up for training camps. This will be Beckham’s first time playing in the English Premier League since 2003 when he left Manchester United for a four year deal to go sport some Real Madrid gear. Perhaps Beckham is trying to show he can still cut it with the big boys in the EPL but really he’s only allowed to train with them until February. His best days are more than behind him, despite his vision and creativity and he should not be able to wear an England jersey ever again. He’ll always be considered one of the greatest internationals for the Three Lions, and for that, England should be thankful. At any rate, here’s a video reporting his arrival to the Tottenham training ground.


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