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Ian Holloway, everyones favorite Premiership manager, has attempted to resign in protest at the $25,000 fine levied against the club by the Premier League. Their decision to fine Blackpool for violation of rules B13 and E20, in other words fielding an understrength team, which bizarrely all wore Puma soccer shoes, has wide reaching implications for the game, and for Blackpool. Holloway had insisted following the match that if the club were fined, he would resign in protest at what he views is an absurd and biased decision.

“I’d pack in. I can’t work for this madness,” Holloway said. “I would resign. They do not know what they’re talking about.”

Blackpool Chariman Karl Oyston has insisted Holloway will not be allowed to follow through on his threat and will be managing the club well into the future. Knowing Holloway, he’ll stick with the club, but will have plenty to say to the Premier League and FA about the decision. For my part, I think Holloway is in the right, and is only standing up to biased system that benefits the top clubs at the expense of those trying desperately to rise through the ranks. It seems impossible that the Premiership would ever fine Chelsea or Manchester United for fielding an understrength team as their 2nd team would probably beat most club’s 1st team on a good day. But for sides like Blackpool, or Everton, or Blackburn resting key players means risking a hefty fine on your club. Seems like discrimination to me.

I think Holloway will stay in his position as the manager of Blackpool, Oyston has insisted so.

“I’ve spoken to [Holloway] on the phone,” Oyston said. “He’s obviously disappointed but there’s absolutely no question I would accept his resignation.

“We spoke about it briefly but that was a private conversation. Ian has breathed life back into this club and I’ll cheer him up again.”

But if I were a member of the Premiership governing board, I’d stay the hell out of Blackpool town center, and his way.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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