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The Gunners have beaten the odds and fought back from 1-0 down at the half to draw on away goals with Barcelona in the Champions League. The match was a hard fought affair marked by open play from both sides, and I have to say was an absolute cracker to watch.

Arsenal lost the first half to the superior passing of the Barcelona midfield, and the superb touch of Lionel Messi as he passed the ball forward to David Villa who stuck it in the back of the Gunners goal. But Barca’s dominance was never total, Arsenal fought hard, and never gave up. The score could easily have ended 5-6, but as it was the Gunners had to weight until the 80th minute for thier glory as Van Perise suck one in at a tight angle off of a Jack Wilshire pass.

Both sides played hell for leather from that point on with opportunities at both ends, but is was Arsenal who would steal the glory at home as a classic counter-attack from Cesc Fabregas released Samir Nasri clear behind the Barca defence and the Frenchman squared the ball for Andrey Arshavin who lashed home the Gunners’ second from 16 yards. The Emirates exploded, and while it look that Barca had a penalty denied right at the death, today’s glory is forever with the men in Arsenal jerseys.

We can only hope the second leg is just as sensational as both sides will have it all to play for in the second leg. Can they win in the sacred ground of the Catalan giants, I honestly don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll be watching.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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