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The crowd is buzzing with anticipation. Three players dressed in white stand silently over the ball. The keeper sets his wall and settles in.

Then it happens.

Like a flash.

If you blinked, you missed it.

With one curling dagger sent through the hearts of Aston Villa supporters and players alike, Jimmy Bullard gave the beating heart of Fulham another lifeline.

After a hard fought game and three goals scored by Fulham, Aaron Hughes had a bit of a brain fart and sent one ball into his own net. The Fulham defense finally showed a bit of gumption as they battled the powerful Villa forwards, including Gabriel Agbonlahor, who was included in England manager Fabio Capello’s first 30-man squad list, until he suffered an injury in the game against Fulham.

It was interesting to note how much the Fulham supporters love the American players.  Songs blaring Clint Dempsey’s name rang through the stadium as the pacey winger battled his entire time on the pitch and created a number of goal scoring opportunities.  The supporters also sent cheers and songs ringing through the streets of West London at the return of long injured captain Brian McBride. McBride put in a stellar performance seeing as he has been injured for five months now. While his touch was a bit off, it will undoubtedly return after a bit more time in training. Another match or two and he will be back on track.

In a game that saw Fulham play as if they were competing for fourth place and a spot in Europe, it was Bullard’s stinging 25-yard free kick that gave Fulham the 2-1 comeback victory over Villa on Feb 3.

And what a victory it was.


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  1. you left out cheers!!….oh well…that was a pretty sweet free kick

  2. It was in the middle of the goal and it should have been easy for Carson. Being a Villa fan, I was of course extremely disappointed and felt it was a little case of ‘par for the villa course’ — playing out of our skins but not being able to hold on to anything.

    credit to Bullard for puting it over the wall and on goal, but that’s really all it was. that, and an out of position keeper.

    good luck to fulham, a good team and lots of heart; I hope they stay up. But come on you Villa boys, push on and play up!