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LA Galaxy Fanpics

In modern sports, the easiest way to alert your Twitter/Instagram followers, facebook friends, social media cohorts, or people in your phone contacts that you are out enjoying an amazing soccer game would be to take a picture. That picture could either be of the action on the field or a “selfie” taken from your seat in the stadium. Still, it is rare that someone lucks into capturing a picture of themselves within a pivotal moment in the contest or right after the celebrations have started…it seems that Fanpics is going to change all of that.

An app that you can download onto your mobile device (for free), Fanpics is currently extending across stadiums in the U.S. as teams and franchises look to deliver the best fan experience possible. While currently only housed in the home of the LA Galaxy in terms of MLS teams, Fanpics is rapidly spreading and growing in popularity. So, how does Fanpics work? And, how will it improve my game experience?

Well, Fanpics is, in the simplest terms, an app that delivers pictures of the fans. However, instead of a few shots taken during the game and of only a few sections, stadiums equipped with Fanpics equipment take constant pictures of the fans and they take the pictures with hi-res cameras. The constant pics and hi-res cameras allow any fan to find themselves in the stands at the game (with amazing clarity). This means that there is a picture of you and your friends celebrating the winning goal or the looks on your faces as the last-second penalty is about to be taken. Did you all react hilariously to the opposing player diving? You can find a picture of that exact moment!

Is that not enough? To make it even better, Fanpics also makes sure that you can match the moment on the pitch with your reaction! Love the face you made with the winning goal, but you want people to know WHY you were screaming for joy? Fanpics makes it where you can find a picture of what was happening on the field that matches up (time-wise) with how you were reacting in the stands. That means that you can pair your unique reaction with the incident that caused it to occur. Fanpics takes around a million photos in every Galaxy game and the photos can be accessed by fans within 30 seconds of the shot being taken!

As we mentioned earlier, the tech’s only MLS residence is at the StubHub Center, but we are hoping that it spreads to the rest of the MLS very soon. Considering how much fun we see in the fan sections at the MLS games every week, I would be super excited to see these pictures of the fan sections during pivotal moments in the game. For a sport that is growing as we step farther into the future, Fanpics is a welcome addition that helps make a fan experience (that is already impressive) a little bit more special.

The Fanpics platform is based on a free, downloaded app, through which photos are delivered in real time to each fan’s mobile phone, allowing them to be instantly shared via social networks. To learn more about the Fanpics story and how to download the app for free, visit fanpics.com. To get in contact with Fanpics for business inquiries and additional information reach out to info@fanpics.com.



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