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Ah, the January transfer window. After the summer open session, there isn’t a better time for rumor flinging and second-hand gossip spreading like wild fire to make its way across tabloids and Web sites across the globe.

For a fan, anything is possible for their club. Need a striker? Get it in January. Defense a little shaky? Wait until January. While January allows clubs to improve and make changes, why should they have to wait in the first place? Why is player movement in international soccer limited to four months out of the year? Clubs struggle enough to close deals in three months, let alone a measly month when coaches, scouts and management have to worry about games. How are they supposed to be able to adequately assess and evaluate their decisions in just one month when league and tournament titles are at stake?

So I offer a reprieve. Expand the transfer window. Continue to let June through August be as it is. Then close it for two months (September and October) while clubs settle into their seasons and are able to assess their summer preparation. Then re-open the window from November through February.

Now you have a chance to see clubs make real changes and adjustments during a season. It also allows smaller clubs and those with less money to sell players when they want to raise funds so they can help their relegation battles.

January has seemingly turned into the buying season for the world’s wealthiest clubs. They splash out the cash for a quick midseason fix because even if the buy isn’t the right one, they can afford the mistake. Mid-level and small market clubs cannot afford such mistakes and therefore have to be more diligent in their buys and sells so as not to cripple the club.

So for the good of the game lets expand the transfer window.

After all, a little more gossip would be fun.


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