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Will he ever give it up? Former England captain and 35-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham is seeking a loan move to a European club to stay fit and to hopefully earn a call up into the England national squad. Here’s what he had to say:

“I will be going back somewhere as I want to keep myself fit and keep myself in with a chance of getting called up for England again.

“To do that, I have to be somewhere so fingers crossed I can sort something out.
I have always missed playing in the Premier League since I left it almost eight years ago. It is a great league and one of the most competitive in the world. Maybe one day I will come back here but I have always said that it will only be for Manchester United. I am not holding my breath on that one, but we will have to wait and see.”

Ahem? What are you doing, Mr. Beckham? Realistically, his only chance of getting called up for England is to play in a meaningless friendly. Can you imagine Beckham playing in a meaningful European tie with his form as of late? His love for the game and his desire are all admirable traits. However, it’s time for Beckham to look for a spot to hang up his boots. He has already has begun retirement for a few years with the Galaxy with uninspired play (for the majority of fixtures). His set piece mastery is still a valuable resource for most sides but with England’s plethora of younger midfield prospects, does Capello have any incentive to call up the old fart for any reason but nostalgia?

His chance of injury has increased dramatically over the past few season, as evidenced by his torn Achilles in March while on loan to AC Milan. Beckham has already ruled out a return to Milan due to the short nature of his stay (wouldn’t it be short no matter where he goes?), so possible suitors would be few and far between. Inter Milan could give Beckham a deal as really that squad is present this season for everyone to make jokes. I can’t see Beckham returning to Spain and Manchester United will perhaps listen to Beckham’s plea but no more. The squad is too deep for Beckham to fit into any games besides a meaningless cup tie here and there.

Don’t get me wrong: Beckham will be considered one of the greatest Englishmen ever to play the game. But the man is well past his prime. It’s time to let go. I can only hope a European squad does not see his loan plea as a serious acquisition. Beckham would be available to sell jerseys, sign autographs, and occasionally look to play a delicious set piece as a late sub in a meaningless game. Past that, I hope he stays with the Galaxy.


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