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They say among the Celts, forgetting is a sin, and among the Liverpool faithful, colored by its distinctly celtic majority, its tantamount to treachery. So in the return of Kenny Dalglish the Liverpool jersey clad have found an old familiar face and old familiar faith, which is now bearing fruit. The appointment of Steve Clarke as the first team coach and departure of his utterly forgettable predecessor, Mike Kelly, who Hodgson brought along from Fulham, is the start of new mentality and new look to Liverpool. Or maybe its an old look, and a return to the glory of better days, before indebted American owners and hapless, narcissistic management led to a cycle of boom and bust.

Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool was arguably the best, and most dominant team of the era. They were the total package, able to hold their own physically, while still making creative incisive runs at the goal. Clarke is the ideal man to work with to bring back glory to Anfield as his work at Chelsea, Newcastle, and West Ham show. He has worked some the greatest managers in the modern game, including Jose Mourinho, who love him or hate him, is a brilliant tactician both on and off the pitch. Clarke is known in particular for his defensive talents, helping to coach the Chelsea side that won tow EPL titles. For his part, Clarke has said the chance to work with Liverpool’s caretaker manager, Kenny Dalglish, was something he “couldn’t turn down”.

Dalglish has welcomed the appointment, which was undoubtedly his idea saying: “Steve is a great addition to our backroom team and I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring him into the club.” Hopefully Clarke can put some fight back in the Liverpool defense and end their run of atrocious form giving Reina the confidence to stay for another few years. He may also serve as a valuable aid for the next permanent manger of the club, giving some continuity to the process of changing managers, which has been sorely lacking in recent times. This appointment should also silence the critics who have said Dalglish is too old and out of touch with the modern game. That he belongs to another era. With this appointment there can be no doubt, he has put his soccer socks back on and is tuned in, back on form, and determined to salvage Liverpool’s season.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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