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Today’s bad news comes to us from the Romanian first dvision as Petrolul Ploiesti took on Steaua Bucharest. The match was abandoned after 30 minutes, and with the shameful attacks on display in the video below its easy to see why. The first incident on shameful hooliganism came when a Ploiesti fan escaped the stewards cordon and ran on the pitch to punch George Galamaz in the back of the head. As you can, not only did the fan hit the player leaving him with a concussion, he blindsided him, and was promptly kicked around by the Steaua players who saw the incident. Honestly, I can’t blame them, but the ref did send them off for their display of violence.

After getting that incident sorted out, the ref had a about ten minutes of peace before facing another disaster as a Ploiesti fan hit the Steaua keeper in the back with a lit flare, burning him badly. Now these aren’t the nice small road flares you put out when you have a break down either, they’re the white phosphorus military issue flares that can be found in the football stands of most of the old Soviet bloc. You can hear them exploding in the background during the clip that shows the keeper getting medical attention.

At that point , the match was abandoned, and it looks like Ploiesti will have to play the rest of their matches behind closed doors this season with Steaua being awarded a 3-0 victory in the match. But its little consolation as thier keeper and star defender will be out for weeks as they recover.


Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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  2. That is one cowardly action, I mean hitting someone from behind ?!? ! The so called Petrolul supporter is now in jail and doing time for this. I gues he got what he deserved…