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The storied Mexican giants Club America have come out with a new jersey. Get excited, Millonetas fans. Though the club has not had the success it has had in the past in recent years, at least you’ll be looking stylish. Jump in to a new Nike jersey.

The jersey is made of 100% polyester so it’ll definitely last you a long time. Nike’s also outfitted the shirt with Dri-Fit technology. What’s this mean for you? When you are running around the field or just wearing it casually, you’ll be sure you’re going to stay nice and dry. I wore this bad boy for 2 hours and found that the Club America jersey wicked away sweat like there was no tomorrow (yes, I’m a sweaty dude, deal with it world). Plus the polyester material won’t shrink so you know you’re getting great sizing that will stay that way barring anything strange. As a Club America fan, you’ll love the flashy design, too (though this isn’t for everyone).

The shirt is bright blue all over, one of the staple colors included in the clubs crest. The club does  have two sponsors for the jersey, a unique feature that’s certainly not seen on many soccer jerseys these days. This is one of the few complaints I do have about the jersey, though I do appreciate the look of both logos on the jersey. A small Powerade logo sits below a huge BIMBO logo, a probably testament to how much Powerade paid for it’s spot on the shirt. Above the BIMBO logo sits a yellow Nike swoosh and above that sits the Club America crest. It’s all a bit crowded but definitely works for the club with its characteristically flashy style. The jersey is also lined with an interesting but definitely fun black letter pattering that sits on the blue all over shirt and “beneath” all the logos and crests. It makes the shirt that much more unique and separates this soccer jersey from the typical replica jersey design.

Overall, the Club America 3rd jersey is a fun design that’s a bit flashy. However, the Nike quality shines through. If you’re a fan, pick it up.

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