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Nike have just released the new Nike Total90 Laser IV and I have to say they are revelation. For years now, Nike, Adidas, and Puma have been been making power boots for strikers, but they’ve been heavy, clunky, and honestly a bit ugly. The Adidas Predator X and Nike Total90 Laser III are tow of the best examples of this, but this season, things have changed. The Total90 Laser IV is Nike’s answer to these problems as they’ve stripped out the bad elements and left behind a shoe that truly fits the role of the modern speed striker.

The upper is made from a new, premium synthetic leather which gives the same lightweight, comfortable fit You’ll find on a CTR360 Maestri. In addition, they’ve revamped the Adaptive shooting shield element to increase the accuracy advantage and flexibility it provides.

The element features a new fin design combined with a soft rubber composite that allows for better contact with the ball and more spin on your shot. I found that when I hit the ball, the rubber helps the ball stick to your sweet spot just long enough to hit the ball straight, and the fins catch it on the outside as it leaves you foot and puts a fast spin on your shot.

The inflexibility of this element was a real problem in the old Laser III’s, as they could be stiff on your feet and took forever to break in. These Laser IV’s don’t suffer from any of the same problems as the shot shield moves with your foot, folding and bending with ease when your running. For my part, I didn’t get any blisters trying these out, but they do rub a bit on the top of your foot until you break them in.

The insole is made from the same Poron material that gives such great comfort in the Tiempo Legends, and it reduces stud pressure to the point where you can’t feel them through the sole even on concrete. The insole also provides contoured arch and heel support, which is important for me as I have a high arch.

The cleat pattern on this pair of shoes consist of lightweight TPU injected blades designed for maximum stud penetration and quick release. In my experience, they do exactly what they’re designed to do, and I didn’t feel they were getting stuck or pulling when I went to take a step. A more flexible forefoot has also been added, which give the shoe great energy return on the run so the sole plate comes up to meet your foot when your running.

Overall, these area great pair of soccer shoes, and I’d recommend them for any one who wants to add accuracy to their shot without adding weight or losing some performance. They run $220, and you can pick up a pair from our favorite affiliate partner and sample provider, soccerpro.com.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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