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According to a Liverpool spokesman, as quote in The Times, Chelsea have had a bid for 26-year-old Spanish international Fernando Torres (in excess of 40 million pounds) rejected, signalling the club is ready to rebuild with big names again. Here’s what the spokesman had to say:

“Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando which has been turned down,” a Liverpool spokesman was quoted as saying in The Times. “The player is not for sale.”

Short and to the point, yes. But this story leaked by the British media shows so much more than just a rejected bid for the Roman Abramovich-owned team. It shows the Blues are sick of this ailing form and ready to build a team ready for next year. The team has floundered this season under Carlo Ancelotti, many arguing that the squad is all hitting the wrong side of 30 as bad as any team in the EPL. Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, Nicholas Anelka, and Florent Malouda are all at least 30 and have all either hit their prime now or are digressing in form. The team’s place in the table shows; 10 points off the pace with just 14 games remaining. The team needs to buy soon if it is to replace their leaders before it is too late. This failed bid shows Abramovich is ready to spend money again and Blues fans should be thrilled. Fernando Torres is even apparently (according to the Guardian) telling Liverpool owners to sit down and negotiate with Chelsea

Remember the days when Abramovich spent £17M for Damien Duff? £24M for Didier Drogba? £30.8M for Andriy Shevchenko? Perhaps we’re going to see ludicrous spending like this in the summer for the Blues if they are ready to bid 40 million pounds for Fernando Torres. The club have already been heavily linked for new big names such as David Luiz (a center back is an absolute desperate need for the club) and Romelu Lukaku (a 17-year old who essentially a younger man in a Drogba jersey). The Blues have kept the starting lineup virtually unchanged for a couple of years and with one of the oldest squads in the EPL, maybe it’s time for a change. Their uninspired performances and their place in the league this campaign should be warning bells for Abramovich. Hopefully, he’s ready to make this a long-term empire rather than just the team that dominated the mid to late 2000’s. Get ready for a new Manchester City, EPL world. The Blues are back to spend.


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