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After vehemently denying a move to attempt to land 30-year-old Brazilian Ronadinho, EPL mainstays Blackburn have confirmed they have made an offer of nearly $33 million to the out-of-favor AC Milan attacker for a 3 year deal. Steve Kean’s men have also confirmed interest in signing David Beckham on a loan deal. All these rumors of players heading into Blackburn all beg the question, “Is the new ownership (Venky’s London Limited, which acquired the club for £23 million on November 19th) really ready to pour money into the club with players past their prime”. It looks to be a resounding ‘yes’.

With all the money being spent in football over the past decade, another ambitious group had to be right around the corner to spend trucks of cash. Steve Kean explains it this way:

“It’s going to be a gradual process. The owner has been quoted as saying ‘eventually’ they want to be challenging. I think it will be a gradual building process, I don’t think at all they are expecting to be challenging for Europe this season.”

“What we will do in the next transfer window as it opens up is we will try to get a few bodies in because we have nine players who are missing at the minute. We will probably strengthen in almost every area of the pitch to try to help the squad, and that’s what we need.”

I’m actually quite fond of these attention grabbing style transfers, especially from outside of the likes of City, United, Arsenal, or Chelsea (let’s face it, Liverpool only bring in talent such as Milan Jovanovi? and are linked with extremely average moves, thanks (only in part) to Roy Hodgson). Blackburn has been in top-flight football for 70 nonconsecutive years now and are consistent but unassuming performers in the league. Now is as good of time to test the new ownership’s ambitions by improving the squad dramatically. The days of frugality are slowly coming to an end and the Rovers are right on track with their intentions to eventually challenge for European glory. My hats off to them. Time to suit up in some new soccer socks, Ronaldinho. This is your chance to play in Europe for a final spell before you retire. I know you miss Brazil. But you still have the talent to make a team great, even when you are partying 24/7. As for Beckham; well at least you can sell jerseys. Other than that, time to hang up your boots soon. Try it for one last hoorah if you want to try and make the England squad again, but don’t embarrass yourself, please. At any rate, congrats to Blackburn for begging for my attention. I’m all ears.


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