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What do you wear if you’re one of the greatest footballing sides to play in the past decade at your home ground? One of the best home jerseys out there, of course. Barcelona will wear a brand-spanking new home jersey for the 2011-2012 campaign and it’s got some noticeable differences from last year’s undeniably unique kit.

Last years home threads featured thick blue and red stripes along with yellow accents to make for a professional, stylish look that made it one of my favorite kits in years. Some features disappear transitioning to this year’s kit, which frankly make me a bit sad. The new design features many more red and blue lines and I’m not sure I’m the biggest fan of this new change. Though it’s not outrageously different, it’s still a nice look. Sadly, the UNICEF logo for which the Spanish club is known for has migrated to the bottom of the backside of the shirt. In it’s place sits a “Qatar Foundation” logo that’s all a bit strange, if not eye-catching, even in it’s yellow text. It’s a bit strange when the club has the largest shirt sponsorship deal in sports history coupled with a charitable effort such as UNICEF. Despite my reservations, it’s not all bad. The yellow accenting does look nice with the patented Nike swoosh and the lettering for the shirt on front and back.

Strangely enough, the back of the shirt looks best, especially with a name and number like Leo Messi on the back. The lettering and numbering are both bright, bold, and stand out beautifully against the striped design. I love the aggressive look which was achieved with the shirt on the back. To round it all out, the UNICEF logo, as always, looks classy, even if it is in the wrong position on the shirt. Performance has remained unchanged from last year’s kit, so that’s a big thumbs up on my end. Its 100% polyester design keeps this jersey lasting a long time and Dri-Fit technology keeps you nice and comfy.

Though it’s not my favorite Barcelona jersey ever released, it still looks great and worth the investment.

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