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Being a Gunner fan has been a bit rough for the past few years. Playing attractive football can only get you so far, but the important thing is that you have awesome gear that you can use or wear while you are supporting the Gunners, even if they do give away late goals and have devastating losses from time to time. While I’m watching Cesc and the boys, I’m playing around with my new Arsenal ball. It’s a solid ball that has been durable for me throughout the campaign and simply embodies the Arsenal spirit.

The ball is a classic Red and White with gold contour lines to blend between colors. It’s really classy looking and unsurprisingly looks like an Arsenal product, as it should. The Gunner logo is grayed out on a white paneling and looks neat while the Arsenal crest looks great against the red paneling. A classic White Nike swoosh sits below the crest while “Gunners” sits below that in white lettering. Technically, this ball is called the Arsenal “Prestige” and for good reason: it’s quite prestigious and dignified looking. But how’s it been holding up? Well, excellently, to be frank.

A traditional 32-panel design has been implemented for the ball design and looks and feels like a classic ball. The machine stitched design ensures a standard of quality that Nike is known for so that’s also a big plus. The reinforced bladder made of rubber has helped the ball to retain its spherical shape. In addition, the PU casing makes this ball hold together nicely and retain air well over time. I’ve had this ball for over 6 months and I’ve only had to pump it up a very minimal amount a single time (probably because I’m incredibly antsy during Gunner games).

At any rate, this ball is classy and durable. Any Arsenal fan should be proud to own this ball due to its classic design and terrific looks. A must buy if you are a fan of the Emirates.

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