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Out of all the absurd things I’ve heard in my time following soccer, this may be the most ridiculous. World-renowned commentator and journalist Andy Gray has commented that World Player of the Year Lionel Messi would struggle with the ferocity of the English Premier League and even believes he could not cut it at EPL (relative) minnows Stoke City. He even claimed that “Barcelona would struggle in the EPL as they’ve never played the likes of Stoke”. Finally, he claimed that La Liga did not have the same depth of quality as the EPL, hinting that Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi would find it hard to score as much as they do in La Liga. Many red flags have to be raised when reading a statement like this:

1). Was Andy Gray severely inebriated at the time of issuing a statement as ludicrous as this one? I know some EPL games can get boring so I wouldn’t blame him.
2). Has Andy Gray ever watched Lionel Messi play or get hacked at on a regular basis in La Liga for his elusive, unstoppable play? It’s amazing how the little magician can stay on his feet when all defenders do to defend is hack away. Insert him into the EPL. Don’t you think he’d have the same old story? Yeah, me too.
3). Andy Gray must not realize that Barcelona have played the top English opposition in the Champions League and knocked them all out of the competition (Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea in the past 3 years). So, Stoke City = challenge? Hmm…
4). Remember when Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 league appearances for Manchester United back in the 2007-2008 campaign? Apparently the answer is no, Mr. Gray.

I’ve respected Andy Gray for as long as I can remember playing FIFA (yes, that’s how I sadly first learned of the man, deal with it). But seriously? I came up with these counter points in a matter of six minutes. If he had thought for longer than six seconds, I can’t imagine Gray saying anything as ludicrous. Unless someone out there can tell me why Mr. Gray spewed out these ridiculous statements, my case is made. Anyone dare to argue?

Didn’t think so.


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  1. hi cbehrens, did u know man united, chelsea and liverpool have all knocked out Barca out of the Champs league in recent times, so what do u mean? i agree with Gray becuase the kind of defending in the la liga is very poor so the likes of Espanyol, Real Madrid and Sevilla can be beaten by 5 goals. i’m from Accra-Ghana and i think the EPL stands out.

  2. Hi Davee, what exactly do you mean by recent times? None of the English teams have beaten Barcelona since Guardiola took over. If you want to reminisce we can go back to 2007/2008 when utd beat barca 1-0 on aggregate. But the past means nothing, it’s what is today that matters in football. And no one can dispute the fact that Barcelona is the best team in world right now, and Messi (along with Xavi and Iniesta) is the best player in the world right now. By all means, digg EPL as much as you like if that’s what floats your boat.


  3. Obviously AG is wrong but there is some truth to what he says. Messi would still be a great player in the EPL, but he likely wouldn’t score as many goals because the EPL’s brutes (Joey Barton, Ryan Shawcross, Andy Carroll, Nigel DeJong) would have it in for him the same way they do for Torres, Fabregas and Tevez. Coaches like Sam Allardyce and Alex McLeish have admitted sending their players to “get stuck in” and disrupt the opposition. Messi gets hurt often, this would increase once the brutes are set loose on him. EPL officials are much more tolerant of rough play than La Liga’s refs and LM would have to take a kicking every game that would be much more brutal than he faces from La Liga’s defenders. EPL also doesn’t get that winter break, LM would be strained to play additional Carling Cup and FA Cup games in that period. Let’s not forget, Messi went goalless in the World Cup, he’s not infallible.

  4. Yeah you are ****** dumb, Andy Gray was right Messi doesnt do anything with his INT’ team and Barca could not hang in the EPL half the squad would be red carded every 3 games for diving plus the physical aspect would be to much for them for an entire season. Champions league is not an entire season that’s why Barca prgress in it. Ronaldo has done it in all the leagues he played throw ronalod on barca and messi on another squad and messi would not be world player of the year