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This past January, a 20 year-old Welshman was fighting his way to stay with the a reinvigorated Tottenham squad that secured a Champions League spot a few months later. Now, Gareth Bale is the go-to player that catalyzes a now potent attack that can terrorize any defense. Including last year’s European champions, Inter Milan. Bale ran rampant at former world-class right back Maicon for the second time in group play and made him look like semi-professional player with his bold runs down the wing. Get to know that ridiculous haircut now. You may be witnessing the birth of the new Ryan Giggs.

The kid seems to have seemingly limitless amounts of stamina and speed. And get this. I think he’s just starting to find his feet. One clear fault in his game is his occasional heavy touches and his ability to lose possession with relative ease. His youth and inexperience at the top level will teach him to get this under control in a heartbeat. Even if he doesn’t in the near future, he can still obliterate the world’s best backs with ease, as evidenced by his hat-trick performance in the 1st leg versus Inter Milan and his man-of-the-match performance in the 2nd leg, setting up the second and third goals on the night. Bale will certainly become the most highly touted prospect in the upcoming winter transfer period if he keeps up these delightful performances, with huge clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid monitoring Welshman’s progress closely. Sir Alex Ferguson, meet your future left winger aka Ryan Giggs of the 90’s. Don’t believe me? Let’s do a quick comparison:

Bale: Seething pace, play-maker, utility player, Welsh
Giggs: Pace, play-making ability, can play in most midfield positions, Welsh.

Both have also been described as “boy-wonders” and have come to make a huge impact at a very young age. Sir Alex Ferguson will now (as evidenced by Rooney signing a new contract) be looking to go big in the transfer market and what better way to go into January then expressing interest in replacing an absolute legend of the club with a potential new superstar. He has all the qualities to become an absolute monster in the EPL and he clearly has the strength and speed to annihilate the best right backs around. As long as he keeps his stamina and develops a better touch on the ball, it’s official: I’m crowning Gareth Bale the new Ryan Giggs. Fight all you want. Let me know in 6 months if you agree.  Until then, take in the magic of the goofy-haired Welshman at Tottenham. He may be gone in January.


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