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In 2007, Toronto FC joined the MLS as the first Canadian team. Though they had a rocky start, they have established themselves as a solid soccer club with AMAZING fan support. A great way to show your fan support is the adidas tropheo Toronto FC ball. You can add it to your Toronto FC shrine, or just display your team proudly every time you play! The ball has a great design and a great feel to play with. Either way, you can’t go wrong!


The mostly white ball with red, silver, and navy accents is exactly what you will need to make sure everyone knows which team you’re cheering for! The ball also features¬† the Toronto FC crest and name. The glossy exterior gives the ball a nice, clean look. Another great thing about the mostly white surface is that, when the sun starts to go down on those late night pick up games, you’ll be able to see the ball more easily than you would a darker ball!

Physical Attributes

As I mentioned before, the glossy outside look may be clean, but some may think a sticky plastic-looking ball is impossible to trap because it sticks to your foot, causing you to trip over the ball. Though this ball has that glossy finish, it does not stick to your foot like some soccer balls can right out of the box. The soft outside is great for anyone who loves to head the ball but hates how those hard balls can feel afterwards. Lastly the butyl bladder is the best for air retention, so that means you can stick to playing more and worrying about the amount of air in the ball less!


Starting at $15.99, this is a a quality, low priced ball. You will love being able to support your team while having a quality soccer game or practice all at once!  Stand out with the soccer ball amongst a crowd proudly displaying this ball!

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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