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Colorful? Check. Durable? Breathable? Check check check. All the makings of my ideal indoor soccer shoe have come together in the sweet new Adidas Top Sala X. The shoe looks great and will last you forever with some great built in features and a respectable price point.

Let’s start with the looks of this indoor shoe. The shoe itself is green all over in very similar shades which blend well together. The toe section is hard plastic black piece coined as a TPU toe cap and looks slightly bizarre but not awful in any respect. Three classic white stripes line each side of the shoe to give it that classic Adidas feel that is on most Adidas products. The shoe also screams breath-ability, with vents all over the place so you can make your feet are nice and cool during an intense game. To round it all out, the shoe has a professional looking black trim surrounding the “open” sections of the shoe to make it one sweet looking package.

As for features, Adidas has gone all out to make sure you perform at the highest level on the indoor field (with several awesome coined phrases from Adidas). The upper includes high-abrasion resistant adiTUFF zones provide terrific protection for your foot and are highlighted by the breathable zone all over the shoe. The shoe is meshy all over and are made of synthetic materials that are surprisingly durable. The shoe’s sole is made of a “Grip Compound”, which essentially is a synthetic leather compound which provides terrific flexibility for great cuts. The shoe also doesn’t leave any marks when cutting, like most indoor shoes do, thanks to the sole’s materials. The shoe is also outfitted with adiPrene inserts in the heel for extra comfort and shock absorption. Finally, the Sala features a pre-molded EVA midsole for extra comfort.

Wow. Tons of features. Good price point. Great looking shoe. Totally worth every penny you would spend on these.


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  1. I just wanted to say these shoes are pretty awesome 🙂

  2. We completely agree, Omar!

  3. Are they even good for floorbal?

  4. do you sell it???

  5. We don;t but you can find the newer colors right here: