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I’ll be the first to tell you: I’m always skeptical of 3/4 pants. I have a preconceived notion that only a certain personality can wear these sort of pants outside of training in full length soccer socks. Though my notions have not changed much after trying out these pair of soccer pants, I have been sold on using these sort of pants in training.

The first thing you’ll notice is that these pants are about as classic of an Adidas product as one could possibly conceive. 3 iconic white Adidas stripes line either pant leg and sit against an all black pant. It’s a safe but classic design choice by the company but the color scheme means this pants can go with just about any kit out there, a big plus if you are changing teams as often as Peter Crouch does. At any rate, the pants do mix it up slightly and add a bit of style by adding an all white section on the inner part of the thighs. Though it’s a minor detail to note, the color is worth noting as you will notice in the picture.

The pants are surprisingly comfortable as long as you have a pair of soccer socks and shinguards on. The pant length runs to a bit past the top of your soccer sock, love it or hate it. It certainly took some getting used to for me and a few jokes thrown here and there by my co-workers. They ended up just being jealous of the look in the end while they endured their pair of baggy pants.  The 100% polyester material is highly durable as expected. In addition, the ClimaCool tehcnology keeps these 3/4 pants breathing. They are not completely skin tight so that will certainly help moisture management, too.

I will say these pants are NOT for everyone. They are certainly not for me in casual situations outside of the pitch. But on the pitch, everyone can appreciate some of the great features these pants have to offer. The pants are even a pretty good deal, too.

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