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The 2010 World Cup, despite the several instances of atrocious refereeing, was a pretty entertaining tournament. I for one was elated to see Spain bounce back from their loss to Switzerland to make it all the way to the finals, eventually besting the Netherlands. I’ve heard Spain’s style of play criticized as being boring and “too defensive,” but that’s a load of horse manure if you ask me. I love their ability to control the ball and their patience to wait for the open lanes that lead to a scoring opportunity. The final was especially gratifying because of two things: a) put nicely, I don’t care for Arjen Robben at all, and b) I have a buddy who thinks the world of the Netherlands because of their legitimately solid players like Van Persie and Van Bronckhorst. That latter point is one of the many reasons I’m excited to have the new Spain away jersey in the shop, complete with “Fifa World Champions” badge.

The first striking and obvious change to the new away jersey is that it’s white rather than the navy of previous years. Two other notable changes on the jersey are the World Champions badge I mentioned before, and the brand spankin’ new stitched gold star above the Spain crest. I’m completely ok with the gold star above the crest, but I have my reservations about the location of the Champions badge—more on that in a minute. For the most part, Adidas kept this year’s jersey design the same as last. The Adidas logo is still stitched in the center of the jersey, and the same elegant yet forceful looking collar makes another appearance. The shoulders still have the three stripe design, and the scheme remains an alternating red and yellow. One item to note, though, is that the stripes are broken at the end of the shoulder/bicep area by a blank white space. I believe this space would have been perfect for that “FIFA World Champions” badge, much the same way the EPL badges work. I just really think it would have been a better aesthetic choice to put the badge on one of the shoulders and replace its chest spot with the player’s number, or even leave it blank. Anyway, that’s my only hang up with this jersey, which is an admittedly minor issue.

As for the construction of the jersey, I love that Adidas kept the mesh underarm design so that, ahem, sensitive upper body area has room to breathe. The soccer jersey is still made from 100% polyester with Adidas CLIMACOOL technology, so it’s a solid purchase. Spain jerseys were obviously a hot item after the World Cup last year, and I suspect they’ll be the same this year with the addition of the golden star and golden badge. Even with my minor quip about badge placement, I see no downside to the jersey. Hey, for $69.99, you’re getting a piece of history as well as a slick jersey from Adidas, so I’d definitely advise you to check the jersey out!

Written by: Kris Dyer, kit guru, soccerprose.com


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