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Introduction/ Did you know?/History

Hi I’m Kendra and I’ll be the host of today’s game show of “Did You Know, Samba Edition!?” Ok so for the first question: did you know the Adidas Samba indoor shoe was first designed to help players in Europe train on hard on icy surfaces in the 1940s? Yes? No? Well did you know that adidas has sold over 35 million pairs of Sambas since the 1950s? Or how about that the Samba shoe has become popular amongst not only soccer fans, but Hip hop fanatics in the 1970s, Skaters, punk rockers, and emo kids! Lastly, did you know that the Samba shoe has made quite a few Hollywood movie appearances in movies such as; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, or more recently Twilight? Well if the history of the adidas Samba shoe wasn’t cool enough for you to want to buy them, these classic, sleek, reliable, comfortable shoes are ideal for any indoor soccer player!


The Samba Millennium white, which was inspired and designed after the classic Samba, has a classic clean look. There are not a lot of bells and whistles on the shoe that take away too much from the design. A lot of people will purchase these shoes to wear as an everyday shoe choice and not as a functional soccer shoe! The mostly leather shoes makes it easy to wipe off little dirt smudges here and there so they will look nice and clean for a long time!

Physical Attributes

The Upper is made of full grain leather! Leather shoes I think are always the best because they easily mold to your foot so you can start wearing them comfortably right out of the box. A rougher leather patch at the f toe of the shoe reinforces the build of the shoe to make it more durable so it will last you all indoor season long or all fashion season long if that’s how you choose to wear them
The insole is one of the best features of the shoe. The Torison system allows for great mid-foot integrity. The system is made to protect and support the foot while still allowing the foot to function in a natural manner, causing less strain on your feet and allowing you to play longer and more comfortably! The Shoe provides a lot of arch support which is just another feature that adds to how comfortable this shoe is. To add the cherry on top the Pre molded EVA midsole is light weight and won’t add much to the shoe but comfort!
The Outsole is a non-marking gum rubber. The Rubber was really sticky on glossy tile or wood but it was great for playing on an indoor field. There is nothing too fancy about the outsole but it’s reliable and great to play in, what else could you need!


This shoe is priced at $53.99 and with the quality of this shoe I wouldn’t call it a deal I’d call it a steal!! Adidas has developed this shoe after many decades and has really been able to design a great indoor shoe that maximizes play and comfort! I would highly recommend this shoe to any indoor player or someone looking for a classic sports shoe! If Run DMC can wear these that means these shoes are fit for the famous, and most defiantly fit for you!

Written by: Kendra, soccer girl, soccerprose.com


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  1. Run DMC traditionally wore Adidas superstar- not Sambas.